“Unwavering Ethic to Always Do What Is Right and Honorable”

It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I endorse my friend Tip McCabe for Chester County Court of Common Pleas Judge. I consider myself fortunate to have known Tip for years both in and out of the Courtroom. I am extremely thankful for his hard work and support in the past, and during our last Presidential election, as our Chester County Democratic Assistant Solicitor. I first met Tip when he started at the Chester County Public Defender’s Office and quickly realized that I was working with an excellent attorney and an exceptional man.”

Though always modest and respectful, Tip is a fighter who never backed down from his duty to zealously defend those who have no voice, no means, and no affluence. To Tip they were fellow human beings who deserved respect, dignity and their constitutional right to legal representation. Tip never gave up fighting for his clients. He would go all out, all the time. President Joe Biden once said that what he was most proud of when he was a Public Defender was that he made a positive difference for so many folks who were at their lowest point in their lives. In truth, the same can be said about Tip. What continues to impress me is not only his fantastic legal skills and experience but his empathy, his honesty, his caring and unwavering ethic to always do what is right and honorable.

That’s the kind of Judge we need a the Chester County Court of Common Pleas and that is why I consider it an honor and privilege to endorse him.